Balloon Shows
Elaborate Show
By gathering a group of hot air balloons at late hours to glow synchronised and to music will delight the audience with the breathtaking spectacle. Truly, this will leave no one untouched. The event is called simply Night Glow.

The number of hot air balloons is adjusted to the available space (the field) and ranges normally between 3 to 20 balloons.

Peak Experience organises everything from the initial reconnaissance of the proposed field to the coordination of pilots, master of the ceremony and etc. Safety personnel will assist the pilots and their crew to make sure that the event runs smoothly.

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A Safe and Delightful Experience

The creation of the hot air balloon in 1783 in France, ushered the first chapter of flying in the human history. Today, 3 centuries later, aerostats still amaze people with their grandiosity and vivid motions, whether flying with the winds, or just inflated on the ground.

For the first time observers, as much as this universally fascinating aircraft commands their full attention, it seems equally unlikely for it to defy the gravity and take off into the air. Yet, lighter-than-air aircrafts (aerostats) are the oldest type of aircrafts in human history. Despite the few modifications made over the centuries, aerostats are considered to be the safest and most reliable mean of flying humans.

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