Tethered Flights
Balloon Svea III
Balloon tours don’t necessary need to be enjoyed when soaring above cities. We have the only balloon of its kind, modified to be hooked on to a hoist or lift crane being able to lift passengers for a dazzling view above the ground. The tethered balloon system has several unique benefits:

• No helium required, saving thousands of dollars per occasion. The envelope is cold-air inflatable with integrated compressor to keep the balloon fully inflated at all operation time.

• The balloon is ideal for shows and venues as a surprise- and eye-catching element. The concept features advanced lighting system to draw attention from far distances.

• Market your brand in the most exotic way.
The envelope is enabled to carry 2 banners

• Utilize the balloon as an income source. With a loading capacity of up to 5 passengers, Balloon Svea III gives a whole family the chance to join for a stimulating ride.
Quick Facts- Balloon Svea III

• Height 16 metres

• Diameter 10 metres

• Weight 180 kg (empty load)

• Total weight 600 kg (incl. 5 passengers + operator with an average weight of 70 kg)

• 100 metres electric cable for lighting and operation

• An excellent tool for simulating balloon flights on film/theatre productions.
Peak Experience has the technical solution to combine tethered balloon show with air acrobatics. Spoil your guests/visitors with an artistic display!
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