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We offer our customers a range of adventure products for exploring genuine and healthy rushes. We also offer spectacular business branding solutions. For instance, how about a flying aircraft that advertise Your brand over cities and large events?

We see our ambition and creativity as the cornerstones of our business prosperity. Feel free to explore our site and find out what we can offer You.

Relaunching Bungy Jump in 2017
For the last few years, Bungy Jump has not been possible to perform in Sweden due to new regulations that completely restricted operators from offering Bungy Jump with the help of mobile cranes. While these regulations were in place with the intention to improve the safety standards, they were based on poor assessments and incompetence, rendering Bungy Jump completely nonexistent in Sweden.

We are happy to inform our customers that we intend to launch a permanent jump site in Stockholm in 2017. It will be the highest jump site in Scandinavia and offer both single and tandem jumps.

Visit our new website for Bungee Jump on
Latest News

We are proud to present our new special shaped balloon. With ears standing 12 meters tall, and a 19 meter wide smile, this heavyweight can title itself perhaps the world's happiest rabbit today!
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