Special Effects - No Event Similar To Another
We have innovative solutions for stage flights and a series of wire works. These works are given the well-recognised term Live Action Effects that are favourably implemented in film-theatre-event productions.
The idea is to contribute with an eye catching effect for any venue such as an openeing ceremony, jubilee celebration or just a product introduction. Let the fantasy find the limits. Our strenght lies in the knowledge of proper equipment for each specific project. Through a range of creative combinations we develop technical rigging solutions to give any project that unique and grandiose impression.
Peak Experience is specialised to enable
  • Stage flying/levitation of artist/actor for film productions as well as for live performances.
  • High falls - for creating the image that the actor/artist falls headlong from a high object, only to be caught in the wire system at the very last second.
  • Under-water studio for photo/film projects. Supplying with professionell diving equipment.
  • Wire-Fu - a combination of martial arts and wire works for spectacular stunts/performances.
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